Case studies

Read through some of our customer case studies for a firsthand view of how we've tailored solutions to help businesses turn planned benefits into real ones.

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Industrial 3M

3M took the opportunity to include state-of-the-art distribution technologies to improve processes and increase productivity for their new distribution centre

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Access Records Management

Industrial Access Records Management

A cost-efficient design that maximises space efficiency, provides safe and easy access to all storage locations, and meets stringent fire safety regulations

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Al Samim

Industrial Al Samim

Al Samim Group is the largest manufacturer, importer and exporter of high quality, household glass products in the United Arab Emmirates

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Industrial ATAP

Dexion worked closely with ATAP to understand the aims and expectations of the business - the product range, how it sells and the best way to get products to market

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Industrial Ausdoc

Leading offsite document storage and management specialists Ausdoc had a problem – in fact, a number of small problems adding up to one large one

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Industrial Autoparts

The "Toyota Way" requires a one-part-one-location system. It's a finite specification; each item stocked has to have its own unique location

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Industrial Bega

Specialised storage systems used at Bega's processing and packaging complex have allowed rapid expansion of cheese manufacture, with enhanced storage capability

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Brisbane Supreme Court

Commercial Brisbane Supreme Court

With 20,000 new files being opened each year and many matters taking more than a year to complete, the result is an evergrowing repository of critical documents that need to be sorted, stored, retrieved and preserved.

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CAT Logistics

Industrial CAT Logistics

With a diverse range of products Dexion worked closely with CAT Logistics and its international design team to ensure the right mix of bulk and small parts storage

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Century Yuassa

Industrial Century Yuassa

Improved space utilisation and increased number of pick locations delivers increased productivity to Century Yuassa

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Crown Records Management

Industrial Crown Records Management

As Crown Records Management grew and changed, one thing did not: the company’s commitment to a consistently high level of customer service, no matter where in the world that customer was.

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Commercial DHL

Dexion partners with DHL Supply Chain Hong Kong to create Interlink MegaHub – Hong Kong’s largest logistics warehouse.

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Industrial Fonterra

For Fonterra, sitting at the bottom of the world, with an incredibly long supply chain, makes it a big challenge to get products to customers in an efficient way

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Fort Knox

Industrial Fort Knox

The Fort Knox solution included the design and installation of a three tier mezzanine storage system within an extremely tight time line

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Gold Coast Uni Hospital

Commercial Gold Coast Uni Hospital

Creating quality solutions which achieve security and order

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Home Centre

Industrial Home Centre

The challenge was to find better methods of managing the logistics involved in handling over 20,000 product lines

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Industrial Inoxcrom

Inoxcrom’s Australian operation has tripled in size through organic business growth. Relocating provided an oportunity to efficiently organise their warehouse

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Industrial Kathmandu

It was inevitable that Kathmandu’s original National Distribution Centre in New Zealand, with floor space of 3,600sqm and a stud height of just 6 metres, would eventually prove too small.

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Industrial Kimberly-Clark

Kimberly-Clark recognised that outdated supply chain processes were hampering order accuracy and cost control efforts, and looked for a partner to help

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Industrial Kincrome

A purpose-built warehouse, combined with strategic advice from Dexion, enabled Kincrome to improve picking accuracy and increase productivity by 25%

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Linfox Arnott's

Industrial Linfox Arnott's

Arnott's commissioned Linfox to construct a new warehouse adjacent to its Virginia plant that was able to receive, palletise and store finished product

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Linfox Kellogg's

Industrial Linfox Kellogg's

The design and concept of the solution was complex as the challenge was to maintain the best storage density and maximise throughput in terms of volume

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Industrial Macsim

Faced with spiralling storage costs and with continued growth planned for the future, the decision was taken to consolidate the operation

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Industrial Mobis

Mobis is a leading auto parts distributor, dealing with in excess of 80,000 products under one roof. Order turnaround time and speed of delivery are critical factors

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Nick Scali Furniture

Industrial Nick Scali Furniture

Nick Scali was looking for increased efficiencies, less double handling, and better utilisation of space in their operations.

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Industrial P&O

P&O's innovative new facility was purpose built to suit the requirements of its primary customer, Chrisco Hampers Australia

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Industrial Pearsons

In the book publishing business, fast, efficient distribution with maximum accuracy and minimal damage to books is critical - That was Pearsons brief to Dexion

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Industrial Quiksilver

The Quiksilver facility was moving about 20,000 units a day. The goal was to increase this to 225,000 units a day

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Industrial Recall

Dexion evolved from a supplier of storage systems to a key “strategic partner”, assisting in shaping the future of the Recall business.

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Commercial Reece

Reece maximised the capacity of their warehouse footprint with a high density satellite racking system

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Regency Media

Industrial Regency Media

The home entertainment market for books, DVD, video games and music is a highly competitive, high volume and extremely service driven industry

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Industrial Schweppes

Delivering an integrated voice solution to the warehouse

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Industrial Sony DADC

Dexion worked closely with the Sony DADC team to concept and then implement an automatic conveyor system, a pick to light system and the Realtime Distribution System (RDS).

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Industrial Stihl

Stihl boasts the most modern computerised storage and retrieval systems - barcode verification of stock movements, fully automated storage and computer controlled picking

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STM Microelectronics

Industrial STM Microelectronics

Dexion was contracted to design and implement an automated storage and retrieval system capable of processing and shipping up to 19 million items a day

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Super Cheap Auto

Industrial Super Cheap Auto

Due to rapid increase in volumes, Dexion automated the movement of orders via conveyor systems to pick modules and moved from paper based to RF picking

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Swire Cold Storage, Vietnam

Industrial Swire Cold Storage, Vietnam

Dexion designs and installs a Double Deep racking system in a modern warehouse of international standard, transforming the cold chain landscape in Vietnam.

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The Warehouse

Industrial The Warehouse

As ADRT's sales footprint increases over time, the speed to ensure operational productivity and flexibility to increase distribution capabilities is key

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Industrial Toll IPEC

Toll Group, the Asian region's leading provider of integrated logistics services asked Dexion to provide a high-speed parcel sorting solution

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Toll Logistics

Industrial Toll Logistics

An 18,000 sq m warehouse, specifically constructed to handle fast-moving sports footwear and apparel, enabled Toll Logistics to bring Footlocker, on board

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Industrial Toyota

One of Toyota’s largest parts distribution centres, includes a purpose-built warehousing and distribution facility with storage of more than 45,000sqm for parts and over 9,000sqm for tyres

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UAE Retailer

Commercial UAE Retailer

Dexion delivers real time distribution solution for global UAE Retailer.

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Industrial Universal

Distribution of movies and music is a fast-paced, ever changing business where suppliers must react quickly. An innovative solution to cater for changes in demand was required by Universal

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University of Queensland - Gatton Campus

Commercial University of Queensland - Gatton Campus

Storing over a century’s worth of literature, journals and magazines, the university’s space is at a premium. By 2011, it was in such urgent need of additional storage

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Western Sydney Records

Industrial Western Sydney Records

Western Sydney Records is a Gov Records Repository responsible for securely storing and managing records for at least the next 40 years

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Industrial WesTrac

WesTrac had to create a “green field business” from the bottom up within 4 months. A massive task as product and parts had to be available from day one

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Industrial Wineworks

For years pallets were being stacked in the aisles, piling it high and then having to spend hours digging out that elusive last pallet. Dexion was contracted to help Wineworks find a way forward

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Zeullig Pharma Corp

Industrial Zeullig Pharma Corp

Zeullig wanted to reduce delivery time for non-critical orders from five days to within two days with “Life-saving” products despatched within one to two hours.

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