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    Dexion Deepstor的推进式货架系统是一种低成本、高密度的选件,可以让您轻松访问货盘。 对于只有少量SKU但却拥有高托盘数量的企业来说,这是理想选择。 独特的自动定位导轨能快速安全地定位托盘,采用传统叉车完成拾取和补充。 不得不说,这是一个优秀的冷藏库解决方案。

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    Product Features and Benefits

    • Very dense storage, ideal for few SKU’s with high pallet quantities
    • Prevents product crushing, and offers damage free storage
    • Floor single or double stacked pallets always accessible
    • Low capital costs using conventional handling equipment
    • Lifetime Warranty – Conditions apply

    Product Specifications

    Immediate Accessibility


    Handling Equipment

    Conventional Forklift

    Average Locations Used


    Immediate Accessibility

    Up to 100%

    Stock Rotation


    % of Floor Space Covered By Storage