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    A high percentage of small parts, a fierce demand for agility and a demand for high accuracy drives an industry with a uniquely complex set of storage and supply requirements. Dexion’s depth of experience across all aspects of the supply chain has helped create innovative solutions for some of the world’s most respected automotive brands.

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    “Efficiency levels and picking rates are way above any of our expectations.” – Gary Nettle, General Manager, Autoparts

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    “The solution is designed to cater for expansion should Mobis inventory and demand increase even further.”

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    “With Dexion modifying the A-Line to a bolt free adjustable shelving system, we have greater flexibility, increased shelf aperture and less steel usage. We were also given colour options, making it possible to give the facility our own brand image.” – Paul Shewan, Operations and Development Manager, National Parts Division, Al Futtaim Motors

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    “They worked closely with me to ensure they understood the aims and expectations of the company, the product range and how it sells and the best way to get them to market.” Alan Jolly, Director, ATAP

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    “Overall we believe the gains will save between 5 -10 cents per unit dispatched and we will have retrieved the investment within two years.” – Peter Brown, National Warehouse Manager, Century Yuasa

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