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    Healthcare offers unique challenges to any business. Strict regulatory guidelines govern the storage of everything from medicine, consumables and laboratory equipment to patient information. Dexion’s team has years of experience at helping the healthcare industry provide solutions to manage its complex product storage requirements safely and securely. Talk to us today about designing a solution that meets your specific needs.

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    ZEULLIG 制药集团

    “The system features the Dexion RDS sortation control module which utilises information contained in the carton identification barcode.”

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    “We wanted to avoid any safety risks to staff retrieving books from high shelving. With the Dexion system, staff utilise a step ladder and platform with built-in safety rails to a height of only 1.3 metres.” – Bill Boyd-Law, Construction Manager, University of Queensland

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    黄金海岸 UNI 医院

    “To have manufactured these units from Stainless Steel is a unique achievement – both a first for Dexion, and an installed item in an Australian hospital.”

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    “Patient care has been improved as well, with more records on-site. It is much faster to retrieve records for a patient who turns up in emergency where records are required urgently.” – Charlie Farah, Manager for Medical Records, Concord Hospital

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    “Having all the files organised and stored securely allows the right people to access the right information more quickly. By eliminating day to day frustrations and creating security around sensitive documents, Dexion’s service offering contributes to a more efficient workplace.” – Samantha Karam, Office Manager, Primary Health Care

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