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    通过流通式货架解决方案,可以使整个系统能够快速、自动地进行库存周转。 为了能直观产品流动,托盘可以从两侧供给和取回。 它适用于管理大批量SKU或需要在生产,货物接收和调度之间进行缓冲存储的企业。

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    Product Features and Benefits

    • Very dense storage achieved especially when few SKU’s and high number of pallets
    • FIFO guaranteed, ideal for products with shelf life or absolute rotation
    • Secure and safe handling as the pallet truck does not enter the rack
    • Stable loads and constant, high quantity pallet mandatory
    • Wide range of pallets can be accommodated at the design stage
    • Designed in accordance with EN 15512:2009 (formally FEM)

    Product Specifications

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    Immediate Accessibility


    Stock Rotation


    % of Floor Space Covered By Storage