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    Case Picking

    Want to improve your efficiency and handling on the floor? Dexion’s comprehensive range of case picking solutions will help facilitate productivity, reduce errors and improve staff satisfaction.

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    “Dexion was contracted to design and implement an automated storage and retrieval system capable of processing and shipping up to 19 million items a day.”

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    “With the introduction of the 808, you gain more flexibility in being able to put up a very high facility.”

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    “Increased productivity and efficiency is achieved by integrating a diverse range of equipment into one smart solution.”

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    “Our new custom-designed system gives us a world’s best practice document storage solution.” Dale Rockell, General Manager, Access Records

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    “Roller [cartonised storage] shelves are great for rotation of stock. You load it up at the back and throw the box away. It means there’s less wasted space – you can customise the widths to what we need for each product.” –Danny Huffaker, Warehouse Manager, Inoxcrom

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    “Dexion worked closely with Linfox when designing the system, determining what the best methodologies were to manage the product, to track, sort and allocate it.”

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    “We’ve seen a significant improvement in the allocation of resources, productivity and accuracy since introducing Dexion’s RDS.” – Mike Heide, Queensland Distribution Manager Schweppes Australia

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