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    Fashion never stays still, so your business needs a storage solution that can keep up. With limited product life cycles at the mercy of seasonal trends, coupled with a customer base hungry for style at warp speed, every aspect of your supply chain needs to be swift, accurate and cost effective. Dexion is a leader in developing solutions that are tailor-made for the apparel industry, delivering smart, elegant systems that stand the test of time.

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    “This was a big change for us and has proved to be a far more efficient storage method in terms of processing moves in and out, and has also yielded benefits in improved storage utilisation.” – Stuart Guerin, New Zealand Distribution Manager, Kathmandu

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    “The modular system maximises flexibility, and was designed to complement existing capabilities.”

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    “Given the increased operational efficiencies generated by the Dexion systems, we were able to adjust our throughput settings and adapt to this new environment really quite quickly. In fact, our express order turnaround now operates within a 24-hour fulfilment period.” – Jared West, Current National Logistics Manager, Quiksilver

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