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    Dexion动态锁定 – 青铜级别


    我们流行的手动,钥匙,推锁闩锁提供了一种多功能的安全解决方案。 这是我们最知名的一些存储产品的基本级安全选项,包括Strata 2 Tambour Door和Swing Door Cabinet,Agile Lockers和Freetrack 2,Mekdrive 2Compactus产品。

    Product Downloads

    Product Features and Benefits

    •Dexion Tambour门柜锁扣通过一把钥匙操作的两个单独的锁闩增强了安全性。

    TZ SwingHandle -TZ Ready™:


    Product Specifications


    Strata 2 Range
    • Key Lock
    • Push Lock
    • Pincer Lock

    Agile Locker Range
    • Key Lock
    • Latch Lock

    Freetrack 2 – Manual Compactus
    • TZ SwingHandleTM – TZ Ready
    • Key Lock

    Freetrack 2 – MekDrive 2 Compactus
    • TZ SwingHandleTM –


    Key Lock / Push Lock / Latch Lock:
    • Secure locking system with up to 3000 possible combinations
    • Available keyed to differ or keyed alike
    • Master keys available for facility management access
    • Removable barrel lock design for quick and sim