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    Compactus® 移动搁架


    用Dexion独有的Compactus®优化您的地面空间。 Compactus®安装在移动基座和转轮上,有三种配置 – 手动,机械辅助和机动。

    Eclipse Powered Compactus®


    Mech Assist Compactus®


    Mekdrive 2 Compactus®


    Freetrack 2 Compactus®


    Side2Side 2 Compactus®


    Freetrack 2 Longspan Compactus®


    Mekdrive 2 Longspan Compactus®


    Mekdrive 2 Compactus® with Dynamic Locking


    Freetrack 2 Compactus® with Dynamic Locking


    Mekdrive 3 Compactus®


    Mekdrive 3 Longspan Compactus®


    EasyFit Wire Compactus®


    MaxiDRIVE Compactus®


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