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    Dexion动态锁定 – 银级


    我们的用户友好的无钥匙锁定选项是一种可靠且易于使用的手动钥匙,推动式和闩锁锁定替代方案。 我们的银级锁具时尚而时尚,采用耐用的金属外壳,具有视觉和听觉指示器以及3至5年的电池寿命。 它们可以设定为分配或共享使用,并带有电子管理器密钥。 锁可以长时间分配给用户,也可以设定为共享使用,用户只需选择任何可用的存储单元并输入他们自己的临时代码即可临时使用。


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    All 3 models (DCK, DCR and SOLA) are compatible with:
    • Strata 2 Tambours
    • Agile Locker Range
    • Freetrack 2 Manual Compactus
    • Freetrack 2 MekDrive 2 Compactus
    • MultiBay2 Compactus

    技术规格 – Digilock DCK

    • Keypad operation Cam locking
    • Assigned or shared use functionality
    • Recess mount with knob or with American’s Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant lever
    • Operates with user selected 4-digit code and handle rotation
    • Tamper guard
    • Op

    技术规格 – Digilock DCR

    • RFID operation
    • Cam locking
    • Assigned and Shared use functionality
    • Recess mount with knob or with American’s Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant lever
    • ADA compliant lever
    • Operates with any RFID access card and handle rotation

    技术规格 – Digilock SOLA

    • IP55 rated
    • Keypad operation
    • Cam locking – offset and flat cam included
    • 90 degree cam rotation to top, bottom, left or right
    • Shared and assigned use functionality
    • Surface mount vertical body
    • Accommodates door thickness of